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Lives etc...

Alecssandro Amaro, from BB6 Music Channel  interviews William Nilsen, Paula Clivati and Márcia Mossmann, respectively author, contributor and editor of the book QUEEN NO BRASIL - 40 years later, the magic continues. In this Bloco, they talk about the historical records, facts and photos of Queen's concerts in São Paulo, at Estádio Morumbi, in 1981.

Bass player John Deacon wore a São Paulo Futebol Club shirt at the press conference in 1981. Did he become a fan of the team?

Gary Taylor, from UK, author of several  books about Queen's tours around the world, produces a video in which he receives our book and publishes it on her YouTube channel.

William Nilsen and Paula Clivati describe the adventures of the time when the digital world did not have the facilities, how concerts were advertised and tickets sold, and a series of curiosities of fans who do everything to honor their idols.

The initial idea was to get sponsorship for a luxury edition of William Nilsen's book in honor of Queen's 40 years in Brazil, then it became an Ebook, but we went back to the initial project in solo flight.

At some point, we will have news.

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