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Queen in Brazil - 1981 / 1985

40 years later, the magic continues

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A fair tribute to the best rock band in the world!

The Editorial Project “QUEEN IN BRAZIL - 40 Years Later, the Magic Continues” , was conceived by William Nilsen, founder and president of the first  Fan Club of the British group in Latin America, to honor the biggest rock band in the world, after 40 years of his first show in Brazil.  The idea was immediately accepted by the journalist, photographer, graphic designer and director of Lisbela Editora, Márcia Mossmann, in her first conversation with the author.

The foreword is by musician Tim Staffell, former lead singer of Smile, the British band that gave rise to Queen.  

The cover illustration is by Argentine artist Nenu Arts (Dario Adrián Vega).

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It was my first rock concert (I was hidden from my dad who thought this type of show was not girly). I'll never forget - hearing Freddie's voice there was an indescribable emotion. I have a lot of memories of that show, but there's one that I don't forget, which was Freddie climbing the metal tower during Sheer Heart Attack. Whoever was in the stadium that night will remember this scene - him up there!!!! I hope they come back with Adam Lambert, because Brazil loves Queen!!!

Denise Scaglione (São Paulo - SP, Brazil)


I watched the Queen show on the day.

March 21, 1981.

On the day of the show, I didn't even go to school (until then, I had never been absent except due to illness)

I put on the shirt of the fan club “We Rock You” and we went to the stadium. Me and my inseparable friend Paulo Borges, we sat in the back of the bus and until we arrived at the stadium we were shouting “We Willi rock You”... We arrived around 13h.

The show started at 9 pm...

Kil Sang Kim

(São Paulo-SP, Brazil)

Queen broke everything on the night of 20/03/81 and I was there, my first show of my life at 14 years old, not bad. Pure energy, 131,000 people I think they also went crazy because they delivered a flawless show, even though Brian's guitar cord came loose during his solo, one slip. I looked at the sky and thought; yes I am here! A dynamic and engaging show with a precise setlist and a lot of Rock'n Roll, a  of the last ones with no backing musician, just the band breaking everything.

Marcelo Gomes

(São Paulo - SP, Brazil)

How the editorial project came about

the story of history 

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William Nilsen made his first contact with Márcia Mossmann, director of Lisbela Editora at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, in May 2020, through Lara Repolez, a mutual friend of both. In the beginning, the author intended to publish a simple book telling the story of the 1st official Queen Fan Club in Latin America and how he and the Club members followed the British band's comings to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the decade of 80.

The main objective of the publication was to honor the forty years of Queen's shows in São Paulo, in 1981, as well as to reference the emblematic shows of the Group at Rock in Rio, in 1985, both occasions followed and closely recorded by the author and by members of the Fan Club “We will rock you” chaired by William.

However, considering Lisbela Editora's trademark is the production of art books ( coffee table books ), Márcia Mossmann considered that this work had everything to be produced in this format, due to the Band's visual appeal and the impact it could have on fans , musicians and lovers of Rock, then proposing the presentation of the project to possible sponsors, in the mold of other publications made by their publisher.

Thus, William accepted the challenge and together they elaborated and formatted the project, starting the Herculean work of seeking support for the construction of content (images, testimonials, etc.) and financial support, as a book in this format requires a substantial budget. For months, several contacts were made to obtain images, testimonials and possible tips for financial support, with Tim Staffell, Peter Hince, Jim Beach, Marco Tobal, Billy Bond, Paulo Ricardo, Paula Clivati Prado, Marta Rose Grisolia, among several other collaborators. cited in the book's credits, which, in some way, contributed directly or indirectly to its realization.

On the other hand, prospecting for sponsorship was a real saga. The focus of the editorial project's mentors was to obtain support from Rock in Rio , through the companies sponsoring the event and from Roberto Medina, creator of the largest music festival ever held in Brazil. There was an expectation that the Pandemic would be brought under control quickly and the IX edition of the RIR would take place in September 2021. But that did not happen. And, even looking for support for cultural incentive laws, considering the turbulent economic and political scenario in Brazil, Márcia and William did not get the necessary sponsorship to execute the project in the proposed format, worthy of a fair tribute to Queen.

In May 2021, Lisbela Editora launched a book edition promotion (brochure) for a very affordable price, which did not include luxury editions, due to its complexity, but included the work of William Nilsen in the "package". And so, the duo launched the idea in a Live held back in May, in which they informed that the book would be published in E-book format by Amazon.  But the publisher assessed that as it is a work with mostly photographic content, it would not be suitable as an E-book, especially considering the double pages with images.

And once again, the shot was redirected. After many searches, Márcia Mossmann found a printing company in Londrina – PR that produces luxury publications on demand . The value for printing the minimum print run required by the printer (100 copies), made it possible to edit the book and print it in the luxury format, initially idealized. 

This book is, in addition to a beautiful tribute to Queen and her members and fans, the proof that we must not give up on our dreams. William Nilsen's dream came true and Lisbela Editora is very grateful for the author's confidence in putting this work under her coordination and production.

Marcia Mossmann

Responsible Publisher

rosto william.jpg

Suddenly writer

At twenty-one years old, leading a Queen Fan Club, actually the first of Latin America and living that madness of the Morumbi concerts, in 1981, I could never imagine that 40 years later, I would be here, promoting this work written by me, bringing together very rich material in texts and images published in an art book.

This is TOO MUCH!

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